Nürnberg International Children's English Group

SMARTY PANTS GROUP: 11 -13 years old
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The Smarty Pants group is led by Bea, a Ph.D. graduate of English Literature from an American university, an English teacher and mother a son who attends NICE.
In the oldest group, children have the opportunity to play games to improve vocabulary, will be encouraged to improve both reading skills (through reading a book) and writing skills as well as to improve communication skills. The oldest group’s children are also encouraged to lead games and/or crafts at Special Events such as Halloween and the Summer Party. Children in this group are generally in 5th through 8th grade, with the opportunity to “graduate” into becoming teacher’s assistants or substitute assistant after age 13 and after completing a training program.
  • Pre-requisites: ability to use Smarty Pants Group curriculum goals, especially achieving appropriate reading and writing levels
  • Goals and Curriculum: improve writing skills through additional grammar and vocabulary work as well as improve articulation of spoken communication
  • Methods and Activities: grammar and vocabulary activities and worksheets, writing practice, reading and group discussion activities and project work