Nürnberg International Children's English Group

TIGERS GROUP: 9 - 11 years old
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The NICE Tigers group is led by Katja. Katja’s assistant is Linnea, who has been a participant at NICE since she was a baby. Katja & Linnea motivate their students through experiments, projects and games. Students in this class are mainly in 3rd to 4th grade.
  • Pre-requisites: ability to use Roo Group curriculum goals, especially achieving appropriate reading level
  • Goals and Curriculum: continuation of Roo Group activities, improve speaking, listening, phonetics as well as intensifying reading and writing skills. Older children improve reading skills through more advanced chapter book level reading, improve and diversify writing skills, encourage not only learning to read, but also reading to learn by focusing on key cultural and academic skills in English
  • Methods and Activities: songs, poems, play, games, craft, worksheets and texts. Older children: school projects, texts, reading and writing