Nürnberg International Children's English Group

ROO GROUP: 8 - 11 years old
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The Roos group is led by Caroline, one of the first children to go through the NICE program, and now herself a university student. Caroline’s assistant is Oliver, a long-running member for over a decade.

Through reading stories, playing games, singing songs, oral presentations and weekly homework sheets, children in the Roos will go through the short and long vowel sounds, learn the days of the weeks, months of the year, to tell time and participate in projects. The Roos group focuses on children in their first years of school.
  • Pre-requisites: ability to use Panda Group curriculum goals, especially achieving appropriate level of phonological awareness, logic, sequencing and deduction skills
  • Goals and Curriculum: cogitative development, letter-sound recognition and usage, pre-reading skills developed from beginner to fluid-reader levels, pre- and beginner writing skills, and everyday life skills vocabulary and grammar
  • Methods and Activities: stories, worksheets, reading, projects, games, poems and plays