Nürnberg International Children's English Group

PANDA GROUP: 6 - 8 years old
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The Pandas group is led by Jessica, in her last year of Gymnasium who began NICE as a toddler and has participated in every group within the NICE program, becoming an assistant teacher for several years before becoming a teacher. Jessica’s assistants are Ewan and Naomi, both long-running members.

The focus for the Pandas group is: to continue oral language development through storytelling skills, vocabulary development through crafts, continue literacy skill development and strengthen phonological awareness. Children receive work sheets every week to be completed for the following week according to which letter they are covering. Children in the Pandas group are anywhere from their last year of kindergarten to their second year of school.
  • Pre-requisites: ability to follow teacher’s instructions in English
  • Goals and Curriculum: phonological awareness, using and understanding English including logic, sequencing and deduction skills, everyday communication skills, increase and improve vocabulary and grammar
  • Methods and Activities: songs, poems, play, fairytales, games and crafts