Nürnberg International Children's English Group

The NICE History

NICE originally began as a mother-child group in the former American military barracks in Fürth in 1993. The group quickly expanded and additional space was needed. The move to Nuremberg provided the needed additional space and allowed the group to separate the older and younger children to provide age appropriate activities. The group moved three more times until coming to the present location, the St. Johannis Kindergarten in Nuremberg. Throughout this time the group not only grew in number but also in the number and quality of activities provided. Today, NICE has nine different groups ranging from babies to nursery/kindergarten- and school-aged. Each group provides level- appropriate activities.

A high priority has always been to recruit qualified native English speaking teachers, provide proper resource materials and keep costs to a minimum. This is achieved through the constant work and dedication of NICE members & teachers. NICE’s vision is to offer bilingual children a variety of activities and lessons to help develop and improve their English. `